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Mumsharers and Mumjackers

If you asked me what my favourite thing is, I would have to say (second to my son) it would be my phone. Not only do I pay £70 a month to look at memes all day and have insurance incase I lost my source of memefaction, it also holds hundreds of pictures and videos of my baby. It’s my one stop shop for my go-to of happiness when my baby isn’t within smothering-with-kisses distance.

I don’t post pictures of him on my personal Facebook page for a variety of reasons but I do share the odd moment here or there with people I deem important enough to view them. I also have a bookcase full of photo albums and a house full of frames all dedicated to him. However, I do know many mums who do share pictures of their children and when it comes to children who I am personally involved with, I can’t get enough.

Now this post is about to take a “You know what really grinds my gears” turn. This is DEFINITELY a controversial one and I will make a point that this is purely MY opinion. You don’t necessarily have to agree and you may not actually like it BUT there are a specific group of mothers, who I do not understand. I spoke about Insta-Mums before and they also fit into these categories. We all have one on our Facebook page, the one mum who’s child has never refused to sleep, never had a meltdown in the middle of a supermarket, never had a poonami that made you want to rip your nose clean off your face: you get my drift. These mums seem to have the perfect 2.3 families. We also have the mum who has been through EVERYTHING. I shall explain further momentarily.

They say that the people who post about things that happen in their life are usually the unhappiest. Well I call bullshit on that one cause I lead a pretty average life but I like to post things online cause basically I just do. However, we seem to be a part of a generation of mumsharing and mumjacking.

Mumsharers (by my made up definition) are mums who tell you absolutely everything about their child’s perfect or imperfect life. Now I love babies and I think they’re bloody cute and I love to see a child reaching milestones no matter their age or how long it takes. However, I am pretty sure that in one week, little Leilani-Mai hasn’t rolled over, sat up, started crawling, walking, got into uni, got her first job, passed her driving test and got a boyfriend. Maybe it’s that I’m old fashioned, maybe its that I’m a cynic. I want to be proud that little Leilani is doing so much with her life but sometimes I can’t help but feel that the roots of this post are bragging rights for the parents and not so much to congratulate the child on their achievement.

Worse than this for me are mumjackers. Picture the scene, young, single female friend posts about how she’s going to uni full time whilst trying to juggle working full time. They’ve found themselves with a rare day off, the first in months and have remarked at how exhausted they are and are going to ‘sleep for a week’. Mother of 2 comes along “Oh just wait till you have children, thats a full time job lololololol” EXCUSE ME JennyAshtonandBradysMummyILoveMyTwoBoys, I’m just wondering at what point Single Working Student actually asked you anything to do with that? “Oh you think thats hard? Try juggling two school runs with a newborn” Okay LauraFullTimeMummyJackson, you chose the mum life. It is in fact possible to feel exhaustion WITHOUT having had a child.

They seem to dominate every situation and suck the happiness out of the childless people of the world. Heaven forbid you never want children, well they’ll attempt to tell you why you should definitely have them.

Although, if your child gets the Duke of Edinburgh award aged 3 and you don’t post about it on Facebook did it really happen? Or were you just more tired than everyone else now that you’re a mum to post about it.


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